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Add One Word v - Jed

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July 13th, 2010

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06:37 pm - Add One Word v
In which I add one word to CNN.com headlines. See if you can guess which word I added! (Okay, two words in one case.)

Gulf oil disaster
  • LIVE: More oil gushes into the Gulf
  • New cap, regulators, to get 'integrity testing'
  • BP gets bill from U.S. wildlife for $99.7 million
  • Full coverage | Extinction Tracker | Map | Photos
 Latest news
  • 'Barefoot bandit' pleads guilty conscience
  • U.S. aims to cut documented HIV cases by 25 percent
  • Bill Clinton to stump fifth-grader for Dems
  • Facebook sued over origin of 'friendship'
  • Robber who killed 5 promising kids executed
  • Venezuela opposition politician merely arrested
  • Gunman named Dobbs in New Mexico shooting
  • Best-ever quarter for Intel execs
  • Ticker: Campaigning senator makes 'birther' remark
  • Burqa ban moves forward cautiously in France
  • New abduction copyright claim in Kyron case
  • Airline bailout fees can make fare jump 50%
  • Bandit didst try to rob Amish buggy
  • Cheap wedding: No white dress, no black DJ
  • Winning hand found in gator's stomach

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Date:July 16th, 2010 01:34 pm (UTC)
У меня нет мании величия. Великие люди ей не страдают.

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