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I have you now - Jed

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June 8th, 2010

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01:41 am - I have you now
Gupta blog (or a blog with a very cool-looking Muppet that looks like Gupta) says that Darth Vader was borderline. This raised a couple of interesting questions for me:

First, what would the title of his self-help book be? Some thoughts:

Learner to Master: Sensing the Presence of Your Inner Self
Help Me Take This Mask Off: Your Children Aren't Your Enemies
You Have Failed Me for the Last Time: Leading With Conviction
The One Minute Murderer: Building a Team You Can Trust
If You're Not With Me, You're My Enemy: Better Boundaries for Better Living
Deep Breaths: Dealing With Your Dark Side

Also, what are some other supervillian diagnoses? The web is good for this one:


In the end, maybe there's no better explanation than "Officer Krupke," from West Side Story:

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