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October 14th, 2009

08:34 pm - fiddling and burning x
Comical, Numbing and Nasty ...

Latest News

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October 9th, 2009

11:21 am - misread for your enjoyment
I thought this headline said "Moon strikes world." Now THAT's real news ...

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September 10th, 2009

09:47 pm - Movie Titles
... you don't see but would like to ...

300 Dresses
9 to 5 Easy Pieces
Batman Revisited
Beauty and the Beastmaster
The Breakfast Fight Club
Harry Potter and the Band Played On
Little Miss Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Mr. and Mrs. Smith Go to Washington
The Matrix Revolutionary Road
My Left Footloose
Saving Private Benjamin

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September 5th, 2009

09:44 am - bicoastal brain blob
Was just thinking about this nice place I could go get some work done outside, til I realized it was in San Francisco not here. Jeez.

Yerba Buena

Photo by
bertobot, Flickr

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July 19th, 2009

02:15 pm - against radio ads for musicals
ANNOUNCER: Critics and audiences are weeping with bittersweet pain at the TOTAL AMAZINGNESS  of "Michaela's Sabbatical..."

[background music gets louder, comes into foreground]

ANNOYING LYRICS: Gravity can't touch me now / As long as I see you there ...

LAST WORD SUNG (held with a combination of plaintive longing and oddly sexual triumph):  --ere ... !

ANNOUNCER: Set in the tumultuous days after the invasion of Poland, "Michaela's Sabbatical" tells a courageous true story of lost loves, fractured families and a mathematical genius caught between the England she loves, and the Italian village she once called home ...

[background music gets louder again, this time with a bouncy, rustic rhythm]

ANNOYING LYRICS: We are all of us the same when we are dancing, dancing / No one knows your name when you are dancing, dancing ... !

ANNOUNCER: Hurry to the Neil Simon Theatre, and see why The Wall Street Journal is calling composer Anthony Harry Califiore a "demigod" and Liz Smith says "Michaela" is "a family-style helping of guilt, revelation, laughter and tears ..."

[background music gets louder again]

ANNOYING LYRICS: Even love can't hurt me now / As long as I see you there ...

ANNOUNCER: "Michaela's Sabbatical," at the Neil Simon Theatre ...

LAST WORD SUNG (held with a combination of plaintive longing and oddly sexual triumph):  --ere ... !

ANNOUNCER: Tickets on sale now.

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July 9th, 2009

09:38 am - overheard at elevator
WOMAN: I've been trying not to drink coffee but today I think I need one.
MAN: You should try not smoking.
WOMAN: I should try not punching you in the face, but ...

Overheard at 1700 Bway.

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June 25th, 2009

06:26 am - "stoned wallabies make crop circles"
Yes, that is the BBC headline.

Stoned wallabies 'make crop circles' in Tasmania

Just waiting for the new Shyamalan movie, "Dude ... Signs ..."

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June 10th, 2009

07:26 am - all shall love me and despair ...
No, not an Elf Queen, BABY OTTERS!

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June 1st, 2009

08:56 am - flashback
On this day in 1985, I was living on the Amherst campus for the summer, in the remote outpost of Seligman House, and the song "June Is Busting Out All Over" was on when the alarm went off on my clock radio.

I honestly felt that it might be some sort of joke. I later learned it was a real song.

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May 22nd, 2009

07:18 am - thou shalt not text w/exes or work crushes
The bottom-line message in this O Magazine article about non-sexual affairs is good: Don't kid yourself that you're not cheating just because there's no touching. Figure out what's really going on and deal with it.

Everything else about it is bad. If we followed this lady's puritanical admonitions, we'd live by these implied rules: All flirtation is a primrose path to sin. Be wary if colleagues make you feel seen, heard and cared about. If your partner suspects you've crossed some emotional boundary with someone else, confess at once. But if they suspect nothing, never be so hostile as to actually tell them.

The author says she's a psychiatrist, but the advice seems slightly less sophisticated than Blair Waldorf when she starts feeling ashamed in the final 10 minutes of a Gossip Girl episode.

Once a man and woman avoid telling their partners how much time they're spending on the friendship, make sure they look great anytime they're going to be together, or confide more in each other, including marital dissatisfactions, than in their spouses, they're involved in an emotional affair.

Like I said, the underlying sentiment is good: Don't kid yourself. But this No Emotional Outlets, No Mild Sexual Tension edict is unrealistic, not to mention fearmongering. It's right up there with Don't Masturbate and Fight Back Against Simple Chronic Halitosis.

Oh, and while we're turning run-of-the-mill human boundary-blurring into "The Dark End of the Street," let's not spare that Instrument of All Evil, the Internet.

And the exponential growth of e-mail, instant messaging, and cell phones gives us a wealth of private ways to connect. It's a snap to Google an old flame: What would have been idle fantasy a decade ago can, with the click of a mouse, grow into emotional (or sexual) infidelity.

Fine, fine, like the car in the 1920s, electronic media provides intimate spaces previously unavailable. But your mouse isn't the gateway to infidelity any more than booze and gambling are in the lectures Sarah gives Sky in "Guys and Dolls" (and look how badly that on the job flirtation turned out).

Psychiatrists are supposed to help your emotional world be clearer, especially the scary parts. How does it help a confused person when we narrow their options down to either "unwittingly" acting out your anxieties "with potentially devastating results" or investing "time, effort, and emotional energy" in your relationship.

We should expect smarter help--even from O Magazine--than the glance at the family photo that spurs the guilt that makes you cancel that coffee date and phone home.

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