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Add One Word iv - Jed

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November 29th, 2009

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10:55 am - Add One Word iv
In which I add one word in an attempt to make headlines funnier. See if you can guess which word I added:

Latest news
  • Tiger unavailable, breakfast police again are told
  • Cellphone pics cause of Woods accident
  • Questions about crash dummy unanswered
  • Warrant issued in First Thanksgiving slayings
  • Holiday sales up, slightly
  • Anti-WTO protest logo turns violent
  • 5 dead, 10 critical, unforgiving, after van, truck collide
  • New seasonal flu and vaccine approved
  • Flu fear coming on? Eat these foods
  • Deadly train crash monologue called 'act of terror'
  • 3 materialistic Americans killed in China plane crash
  • Ticker: Topless club customer holds no 'grudge'
  • This company took slave jobs from China
  • Nominate a CNN Flood Hero for 2010

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