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Add One Word iii - Jed

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November 15th, 2009

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08:25 pm - Add One Word iii
In which I add one word in an attempt to make headlines funnier. See if you can guess which word I added:
  • LIVE: Hourly update on spread of H1N1
  • Fort Hood suspect charged with murder, period
  • Obama to hold jobs during forum
  • John King gardener replaces Lou Dobbs
  • 'Balloon boy': My parents to plead guilty
  • Young sugar mom vanishes from shower
  • Mom: Hospital hand-dryer irradiated my baby
  • Ticker: Palin talks Primo Levi on Oprah
  • Cops: 5 bloodsuckers dead in 2 burned homes
  • Robbers return armed soldier's money
  • 1,000 new Michael McDonald's?
  • 1 million Xbox Live players banned, pwned
  • Britney Spears' Twitter account hacked, waxed
  • Girl puppy sneezes 12,000 times a day
  • Vote now for 2009 CNN Bailout Hero of the Year

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